Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sunny Disposition

After another day of gloomy weather, I woke up this morning totally uninspired to write.  Yesterday was just plain drudgery.  Every task took twice as long as normal to accomplish.  I had to force myself to slog out to the chickens and down to the goats in constant drizzling rain.  The girls were cranky too, and impatient.  It's hard to milk when your hands are stiff and cold and cleaning the barn seemed an exercise in futility.  Being brushed by Poppy was like getting hit with a wet sponge.  The fire in the woodstove had gone out and I had run out of wood up on the porch, so it was back out into the rain to haul another wagon of firewood up to the house as the temperature dropped.  I couldn't even have any cheese with this whine because it's been a couple of weeks since I've been to town!

It's amazing what a little sunshine will do for my attitude!  Stumpy and I were both eager to get outside this morning (she'd been housebound).  After the little girls tumbled out of their house, I could leave their big door open.  The sodden pasture of yesterday was shimmering in the early morning sunlight like a field of diamonds.  The big girls came in to the stand in their normal order and that chore was done in no time.  The air is filled with the chatter of the wild birds, and I feel like yelling, too.  I know how badly the rain is needed, and I truly do appreciate it, but, gee, it's nice to get a break!


Judy said...

I share your sentiments. Nothing lifts my spirits like sunshine and a bright blue sky!

Kathryn Williams said...

"It's amazing what a little sunshine will do for my attitude!" I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THOSE VERY WORDS ABOUT MYSELF! And glory be, we had sunshine in So Cal too today - but NOT yesterday - gloom and rain yesterday. Hope your skies stay blue and crisp.