Monday, February 8, 2010


Superbowl Sunday, and there I was, beer and chips by my side, rooting for those underdogs, the New Orleans Saints.  It's hard to do "The Wave" when you're a cheering section of one, so my son and I were texting Wahoos and Go Saints back and forth.  Just after half-time, I had to rush out and put the kids to bed.  I was in the hen pen when Dave wrote "Colts made touch down."  It took a couple of minutes before I could text back, "Me too."  It doesn't pay to hurry when you're out in wet chicken poop.  My feet went out from under and I landed flat on my back in...yup.  I did not go for the two-point conversion!  The goats still needed to be tucked in so, soggy, stinky, but unhurt, I tended to them.  After watching the Saints go to victory, I had, guess what, scrambled eggs for dinner...surprise!

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