Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gonna Be A Great Day!

The first good omen for the day was opening my eyes and seeing stars!  Then, while it was still dark, I looked out the west windows and saw the setting moon...huge, full, and bright orange...breathtaking.  And now the sun is shining!! 

As I look past the computer screen toward the south pasture, I see a roving gang of young tom turkeys parading past.  My neighbor Dennis has dubbed them the Mafia Crew, as they are sometimes accompanied by an older Don.  There are usually five or six boys that band together every year just prior to mating season.  They practice their moves in front of each other like teenagers, strutting their stuff, spreading their bronze tail feathers and gobbling loudly.  "Whaddya think, Bro...pretty impressive, huh?"  The hens are still playing shy, and it won't be until later that the boys will start thumping their wing tips on the ground to get the girls' attention.  My friend Doris and I sat in her front yard one year and watched two overaged lotharios do their darndest to prove they still had what it takes to get a girl as they spread their tails with missing and bent feathers and beat their wings like Ringo on a bad day...and the targeted hen continued to search for seeds, pointedly ignoring them.  They finally took the hint and walked together slowly down the road, tails drooping, two old men dreaming of one last hurrah. 

Sunshine after a few days of rain is the perfect antidote for cabin fever.  It's gonna be a great day!


Kathryn Williams said...

And a GREAT day for us followers, as you broke your "day of rest and NASCAR so no blog" rule...unless I misunderstood. I've heard of "talkin' turkey," but you made it so colorful and entertaining that I had to have my dad pause in his morning comics-reading ritual while I read your musings and shouted praises of your wordsmithiness! It's gonna be a great day indeed - you and your gang enjoy yours, and I shall certainly plan to do the same (altho, when I wake up and see stars, all it means is that it's time to go potty or wait for the hot-flash to fade and then go back to SLEEP until the sun can wake me up. Whatcha gonna do with us city folk?)

Mark said...

No earthquake Saturday, no tsunami yesterday, nothing but sun today...what will I whine about? See my post from yesterday and have ANOTHER great day! PS: Am I one of those "overaged lotharios"? What is a Lotharios anyway?

Judy said...

The term "Lothario" (meaning "womanizer") comes from the name of a character in a 1703 tragedy called "The Fair Penitent" by English dramatist Nicholas Rowe. Lothario seduced a number of "fair maidens" --one killed herself because of the shame she felt.