Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Promises, Promises

These photos were taken yesterday in between rain squalls when I'd gone out to bring more firewood up to the porch.  It's good to have these reminders, else I'd think it was still winter.  Bessie's look says it all..."Mom, you're crazy, and why are we out here, anyhow?"  The wind is howling and the rain is beating on the windows this morning.  It's like taking the truck through the car wash...I'm not complaining...I won't have to wash those windows for awhile. 

Tuesdays are not good days to sleep in.  I didn't wake up until nearly six-thirty, and it was a toss-up whether to throw on clothes and get the trash down to the big road in the rain or make a cup of coffee.  Coffee won.  Everything yesterday was an hour behind schedule...that made the goats cranky and the chickens had given up hope.  No one accepted my profuse apologies.  Every day I throw down a handful of goat chow for the barn birds and mice who come to keep me company while I milk.  Normally they wait until I'm well into the chore before appearing.  Evidently they all woke up on time, as yesterday they were lined up and waiting (no, really!).  There is just one species of sparrow that comes in for snacks.  Blue jays and blackbirds sometime come to the square wire on the window openings, but do not come in.  My intimidation factor for the mice is nil.  They duck out of the way when I switch out goats, but as soon as they hear the squirt, squirt into the milk pail, they come out to browse again.  In every handful of chow, there are one or two large kernels of rolled corn...the Willy Wonka's fun to see which mouse will find it first.  Simple amusement for a simple mind. 

Bess (who shows great improvement), Frank and Pearl have made their forays out into the rain this morning to take care of business and dashed back in again.  The fire is stoked.  I'm back on schedule.


Kathryn Williams said...

And hooray for me...I have to go to work this morn (I'm a temp so it is not a normal routine), and here you are - ready for me to enjoy - on time before I have to leave. Sorry about the rain, but the daffy-dils look wonderfully springy, as well as the bloomin' tree. Glad Bessie Ann is showing improvement. She knew that you meant business when you took her to the vet, and I guess she willed her body to show improvement FAST...lest another trip to the dreaded cold metal table!! Have a nice "curled up by the fire with a good book day!"

Mark said...

Dawn sends me pictures from Chico that are identical to yours...blooming trees and budding tubers. Florida is unusually cold and I would rather brave the cold in California where familiarity fawns comforting memories. Missed you at Nascar last week. Tried your fax number again but didn't connect while Clint momentarily led the race. Spent the weekend at NASCAR battling a cold but the saying goes the worst day at NASCAR beats the best day at work!

Judy said...

Your descriptions don't need illustrations but the photos are lovely.