Saturday, February 20, 2010


If Winter is an "old man," then Spring is a capricious flirt.  She teased us with a couple of smiling, blue-gold days, luring us outside to enjoy her charms, but yesterday she withdrew and hid behind a fan of fog and overcast.  Like a dropped hankie from a romance novel, she left behind the blossoming almond tree and the first daffodils to bloom...a promise that she'd return. 

As an aside...capricious (whimsical, changeable) comes from capra, which means goat.  Capricorn, caper...the goat has contributed many words to our language.

The gray day drained my incentive to do any spring cleaning, inside or out, and I holed up with a good book while Bessie Anne and the cats snoozed the day away.  We'll wait for Spring.

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Alexandra said...

your words evoke memories of the good ole days when we listened to the radio and used our imagination to fill-in-the-blanks. you create vivid pictures, quiet moments, wonder, appreciation and oh, so much more...the blog is like a daily serial about another way of living causing constant need to know more...