Sunday, December 2, 2012

Do A Little Dance

It is no surprise that I enjoy the company of barn mice.  However, occasionally they do surprise me.  Frequently they pop out of the grain bucket and run for cover as I remove the lid in the morning.  I'm used to that and am prepared.  Yesterday, however, when the overfed mouse leaped out and ran, it ran directly under my bibbies and up my leg.  I will admit to a yelp and some fast footwork.  Talk about a morning jump-start!  (The mouse probably felt the same way.)

Giving credit where credit is due, the weather people have been spot on in their predictions for these storms.  Yesterday was more of a steady rain, lacking the driving wind.  It seemed peaceful after the preceding gales.  They said today would be the worst and, unfortunately, it seems they were right again.  Here on the crest of the hill, it sounds like a freight train is passing just outside the windows in the dark.  It's going to be a howler down in the barn later on and I'm not looking forward to facing frantic goats.  My continuing thought is, "Save the trees.  Please protect the trees."  The wind creates a sense of urgency, as I expect the power to go out at any moment, and am grateful when it does not.  Storms are a lot easier to handle alone when the lights are on and the TV makes "people" sounds.

The cats are unhappy again, but they'll have to cope with the indoor facilities. It could be raining dogs out there in the dark.  Frank and Pearl refuse to accept "NO."  They repeatedly request, then demand to be let out.  When denied, they prowl around muttering derogatory epithets better left unheard.

It's going to be an interesting day.

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Kathryn said...

Hmmmm...Barn Mice...Dance...You have a Barn Dance -what could be better??? Here's hoping the trees stay up, the power stays on, and you are able to stay warm and read a good book when all is said and done.