Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Postcard From The Edge

Once upon a time, my mother had gotten herself lost while driving in a strange area on a rainy, foggy night.  She called me crying from a pay phone (this was in the days before cell phones).  "Now I know what purgatory is.  I keep driving back and forth past the same places and getting nowhere."  I understand that feeling very well.  I had better luck getting my mother on the right road than the techs have had getting my computer back to normal.  In fact, while they've been "fixing," they managed to lose all of my financial records.  All of the techs, of which there have been many, were friendly and I believe they tried their best.  Until Grace.  Grace is an idiot.  Regardless of her computer skills, she should never be allowed contact with customers.  I am a pretty patient person.  Realizing we had communication difficulties, I asked to be transferred to another tech.  She refused.  I had been pushed to the brink; Grace sent me over the edge.  Even getting transferred to a supervisor was pure agony and resulted in my yelling into the phone (that's not like me).  The supervisor decided that an on-site technician would be required and said tech will be here Friday.  Another day lost and another day to lose at a time when I need every minute to get ready for the Kids on Saturday.

Twenty-six degrees this morning.  Sunny and bright yesterday, I still had to use my "water whacker" to break the ice in the water troughs, and I don't think we got far into the forties by afternoon.  Grace did me one favor; she got me hot under the collar.

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Kathryn said...

I hear your pain and just wish there was SOMETHING that any of us could do for you. Beyond Freakin' Frustration seem to be good words for the day. Here's hoping that you can limp thru with your computer until Friday and have time to get everything done that you need to. In the meantime I guess when you are cold, your mantra should be, "Think of Grace, Think of Grace, Think of Grace!"