Monday, December 3, 2012

Safe, Sound, and Soggy

Yesterday morning was just plain scary.  Somehow, in spite of gale-force wind and torrential rain, we made it through intact here.  My neighbor lost one of the huge oaks in her pasture, but no horses were hurt.  A friend of Joel's was right, it did sound like the windows were being power-washed.  In a walk-around later, I saw that, indeed, the glass has been scoured clean!  I delayed going to the barn until, thankfully, the wind dropped.  The rain continued to pour down.  Even though I put my barn coat in front of the fire later, it was so soaked that it was not dry by evening chores; that's wet.

Finally, the storm passed and the sun came out.  Bess, the cats and I went for a tour to check for damage (and didn't find any).  Walking out after days of rain is like the day that a fever breaks, it just feels so good.  The credit for this photo goes to Joel, who called just as I was about to get ready to put the kids to bed and asked if I'd seen the fog bank coming down Perry Creek.  (There really is a year-round creek paralleling Perry Creek Road.)  The cut is so deep that only the very top of the fog can be seen from here; pretty awesome.  Speaking of creeks, this property has a "seasonal creek" that crosses the meadow at the bottom of the woods.  We had no idea what that meant when we moved here, but found that it is only a creek when it rains (duh).  Standing on the deck in the afternoon, the sound of rushing water told me that it is the season.

Light enough to see now, the sky looks pretty clear.  More rain is due tomorrow, but I'll be happy for the break today.

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Kathryn said...

So, so happy that you came through in tact safe and sound...soggy will dry!