Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!

It's Christmas morning!  (Don't look at the calendar; I rarely do.)  As is my wont, I'm not ready but it really doesn't matter.  The important things are done and the rest is just fluff.

Temperatures are in the mid thirties, almost a heat wave compared to the last few mornings.  I picked up quite a few eggs from the bigger girls last night.  I'm guessing it was too cold for them to play outside and since they were in the coop, they decided they might as well do something productive.  My little kids always lay their eggs in the afternoon anyhow.  The Silkies snuggle together so tightly at bedtime that they look like a black and white ball of feathers.  One of the white roosters was still up and was trying to force his way into the pack, dislodging one of the hens.  She gave him a good what-for and shoved herself back into place.

I've got wood stacked on the porch and presents under the tree (lights only, still).  It's as done as it's going to get.  It's a day that I wish I had a hired hand to take care of barn chores, but the Kids are used to me waving hello from the stalls when they drive up.  Some mamas greet guests at the door; not me.  Almost sunrise; time to get a move on.  It's Christmas!

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Kathryn said...

Perfect day - Blog in the morning for me, and Christmas in the mid-day for you. I know it will be a day full of love and laughs...oh ya, good food too of course!! Enjoy your Ho Ho Ho!!