Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Doggone it, I have to admit I am enjoying this WWOOFer experience.  It's pretty neat to know you will have something in common with strangers.  Aaron and Tessa are from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  He is a stonemason and Tessa raises organic vegetables on an inner-city plot, selling her produce by subscription much as Kellan and William had done.  They both dream of living a country lifestyle and are using WWOOF to educate themselves before taking the big leap.  Young, intelligent, enthusiastic, they were good company.

This being my fourth go-round, I have my patter down cold.  We prepared the milk to set curd before stepping out into the drizzling rain to start chores.  Aaron sent us all into gales of laughter as he was milking Sheila (who had come in on her own and didn't play ring-around-the-rosy).  "I can't seem to get any more milk out."  "Well, do you think she might be empty?"  And, of course, she was.

Tessa, on seeing Poppy and my spinning wheel, had expressed interest in learning how to make yarn.  After step two in making feta and having had lunch, I went to The Black Hole and retrieved my bag of washed wool, carders, and drop spindles.  Aaron discovered it isn't as easy as it might look.  Tessa got the hang of it right away.  She had an incentive.  They had visited the nearby alpaca ranch and, with high hopes, had purchased alpaca wool, not realizing she would get a spinning lesson so soon.

The sun put in a brief appearance in the late afternoon, just in time to create a spectacular sunset.  My guests walked out to enjoy the view just before Tim came to pick them up.  I sent them home with bags of cheese and, hopefully, good memories of their day at Farview.  I know they certainly brightened my day.

Thirty-two degrees this morning and the frost is so thick it looks like snow.  No rain clouds on the horizon, but I need to get the wood stove fired up.  It's cold!

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Kathryn said...

Aww, so glad that and your Canucks had a great day! What a wonderful experience for all, and how lucky for Tessa that she got her spinning lesson from you! Stay warm!