Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whiny Days and Winy Nights

It seems I have dropped into the Seventh Circle of the Inferno.  Computer problems are ongoing.  Bits and pieces come and go, giving and then dashing hope.  I was almost glad of the rain yesterday because I was so late getting down to the girls and I knew they wouldn't want to go outside anyway.  The rain was steady as I walked to the barn and a deluge as I slogged back up to the house.  Baking has come to a screeching halt as I do battle with the dark forces of the Internet.  Slow as treacle, the computer downloads the latest band-aid and I run to the kitchen.  I got so far as to put partial ingredients in a bowl, and there it stopped as a new glitch was discovered.  The computer elves work in the Philippines.  There is a fifteen-hour time difference.  Yesterday I worked with Jack, then JJ, then Jay ("J" being the letter for the day, I guess).  I fell asleep last night, waiting for the call-back that never came.  Sigh.

Miss Scarlett may have thought that tomorrow would be different.  I, on the other hand, keep getting reruns.


Kathryn said...
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Kathryn said...

Here's hoping that you will be able to ascend from that Seventh Circle of the Inferno and say good-bye forever to your "J" elves in distant lands. Argh for sure! (Deleted comment was just for a silly spelling error - nothing more exciting than that!)