Monday, December 17, 2012

Lost In Space

The past two days have been an exercise in futility, and it's not over yet.  Nine hours with various techs from several sources, three hours more this morning, and there are still glitches with the computer and systems.  As an example, to get into one program, I needed to log in.  It (the computer, which is evil) said I wasn't registered.  I tried to register.  It said I was already registered.  I rode that merry-go-round until I was ready to run screaming in the hills.  A technician in Texas changed the password, but dropped the call before she could tell me the new one.  Aaargh!  Of course that meant calling back and going through the automated directory again.  It took the second and then a third tech a couple of tries before success, but at least I am now able to access email.  The blogsite is not behaving normally, but I have great hopes for making this entry.  In the meantime, a storm has hit just to add to the misery.  Ho ho ho.

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Kathryn said...

OMG, OMG, OMG! Besides having a family member ill or in peril, I don't think there is anything worse than on-going computer problems, and there is CERTAINLY nothing more frustrating. I can indeed empathize. My own father has found that his computer has also been taken over by a foreign devil and so far he has only tried to work the system via information that Microsoft has provided in words. I fear his virus or worm or Trojan or whatever they are calling the cancer now, has metastisized. I wish you better luck!!