Friday, December 28, 2012

Set In My Ways

Ah, the comfort of returning to a routine!  Wake up, turn on the computer, go make coffee, return with a steaming cup and settle in.  Perhaps that's why I understand the goats and their need to do the same thing in the same way every day.  I've had my days of excitement and change, literally a "been there, done that" lifetime.  Like the girls, I enjoy the sense of security that comes with routine now.

I'm navigating my way through a new keyboard (the letters are larger, but some keys are not in the same place as before) and operating system.  One advantage to purchasing the new equipment from a local business is that this particular store also provides ongoing tech support.  Free!  For the life (hopefully a long life!) of the machine.  And Justin is a local fellow with whom I can communicate easily.  Life is good again.

Twenty-seven degrees this morning, but I got the fire going early (on the way to make coffee).  As we all know, heat does not turn corners so the computer room, aka the bedroom, is still frosty, but the living room is toasty.  The trick to dealing with wet wood is to put a few logs in front of the stove so they're dry and burnable when needed.  As I put wood in the stove, I bring in more to keep up the supply.  One has to plan ahead or suffer a cold house.

This is my second try at Christmas Eve.  I should be used to it by now.  The tree, as with so many things in life, will either get done or it won't.  I'm not going to sweat the small stuff.  It's a given that as soon as the cards are dealt and the chips stacked, no one will notice the tree anyhow.  I'm not the only one set in my ways.

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Kathryn said...

The best thing (to me) about this news is the LOCAL help for the computer, that is always, there, free, and understandable. Good going, Ms. Bo! Merry Christmas Eve!!! Ya...I'd let the tree go and just plug it in and say Cheers!