Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ante Up!

"Are you a gamer?  Do you play cards and board games?"  Other mothers might want to know about background, work, does she cook?, and have other questions.  Me, I want to know the important stuff up front.  Dave brought his lady, Sandra, up for the first time yesterday.  I took her out to meet the girls and the little kids.  Sandra made a big hit with the goats by rubbing their heads as they wished, but the chickens clustered in the corner of their coop.  They seem to have become very leery of strangers.  And then we got down to business.  Since nearly every family gathering here involves poker or some other game, I needed to know if Sandra would be comfortable with my competitive crew.   I fear shrinking violets wouldn't make the cut.  I think Dave had prepped Sandra in advance, because she pulled out two dollars (we play for high stakes here!) and we headed for the table and an afternoon of gibes and laughter.  She'll do just fine.

 After Dave and Sandra had gone, I heard one of those dreaded thunks on the window that tell me a near-sighted bird had hit the glass.  I went out to find this little guy (or gal), about the size of a hummingbird, but with a shorter beak and yellow-green coloring.  He sat quietly in my hand while regaining his senses.
When he was more alert, not wanting to stress him further I put him in with the potted petunias.  Fully recovered, he later flew off with no more than a headache.  I like happy endings.

It was a good day. 

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Kathryn said...

Yay for Sandra, and yay for your feathered friend! Glad that all is right in your realm!