Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doug's Rivals

Pete:  "How did Clay take the news, now that Doug has assumed the title of the 'good son'?"

And so began my morning.  A bit of history here:  Clay has long been teased by his after-market siblings as being The Good Son.  (You'd have to remember the Smothers Brothers for their "Mother always liked you best" routines to appreciate this.)

A flurry of texting began.

Pete:  "Tell him there's always room in the 'somewhat okay son' group...and we will plot/scheme the downfall of Doug."

Clay:  "I can't believe I'm ousted by a flea-bitten varmint!!"

Pete:  "So he's taking it well.  Good to see."

Clay:  "I'm getting my status back.  I can look cute and give you bits of bedding too, dammit!"

This is just a sample of the three-way dialogue that had me laughing out loud and made it hard to get chores done in the barn.  I didn't ask the boys' permission before outing them, but this was just too good not to share.  No matter how old they are, it seems sibling rivalry blooms, even when it involves a baby ground squirrel named Doug.

The hills are heating up again after days of moderate weather.  This is good for the grape growers, but throws me into a state of lassitude and somnolence.  Not much but watering gets done here when the thermometer goes over ninety.  I caught up on all the episodes of "Bleak House."  I plan ahead and DVR programs and/or movies of interest specifically to sit still and watch on hot days.  Bessie moves from lying on the cool tiles in the entryway to the stone hearth behind the wood stove.  Frank and Pearl nap all day long.  Turkeys and deer come out only in the morning and at sundown.  Goats and sheep find patches of shade and lie like stones.  Egg production drops as it is too much work for the chickens in the heat.

In case I haven't made it abundantly clear, in my opinion I have nothing but good sons, including Craig, and one terrific daughter.  (And Doug is a good boy, too.)

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Kathryn said...

I can see the marquee at the Old Folks' Home...the entertainment tonight it brought to you by two of the residents who decided to start a band...they go by the name of Lassitude and Somnolence!!! And on the other hand...Pete and Clay (and Doug) had me smiling broadly - guess that's a :-)