Thursday, August 8, 2013


Inga did it again; wouldn't come in for Camille.  Inga is the most timid of the herd, the least confrontational, and a strange face (make that a stranger's face) sent her hiding behind the oak tree.  Other than that, Camille's babysitting seems to have gone well.

That was not the only act of kindness I received yesterday.  I can repay Camille in a small way by dubbing some of her old VHS home movies onto DVDs with my new fancy-dancy machine.  Holly saved me an extra trip into town and several hours of time.  She is a working mom, so I spent the afternoon baking oatmeal-raisin cookies.  Turns out, those are her favorite cookies so her kids may never see them!

While watering the new trees last evening, I noticed the Red Globe grapes in the garden had turned color but the birds had not yet gotten to them.  Wow!  They are as sweet as honey.  I cut as many as I could eat for dinner and will go back for more today.  

I hate to hit the floor running in the morning, so it was nice to sleep in until nearly six today, fill the feeders for the hummers, sip my coffee, and gather my thoughts.  I had awakened in the night with new ideas for my proposed project and better ways to put it together.  Now if I can just find the pipe cutter downstairs, I'll get started.  (It took me five years to find where Steve hid the nails.)

Inga and I are going to have a talk.

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Kathryn said...

Inga...Inga...Inga (Shaking my head)! When you have your talk with her, tell her that any woman who has nursed children who have slept through their normal meal time, learns from experience. Tell her that I think she's nuts, 'cause IT HURTS! There...did she listen? And how wonderful that you got the grapes before the birds - nice of them to share YOUR grapes with you!