Sunday, August 4, 2013

Take A Picture

Drat!  I should have had my camera yesterday (although perhaps it was kinder that I didn't).  Camille has said for some time that she should come some morning and learn my feeding and milking routine in case I ever needed a babysitter for the kids.  Yesterday was training day.  Camille has had experience milking, but it's been a long time.

1.  Throw out food for the wild birds.
2.  Let Silkies out of their coop, throw down scratch feed, check water.
3.  Big chickens, ditto.
4.  Put out alfalfa for the goats and Poppy.
5.  Let the games begin!

I made introductions as the girls were let out of their rooms.
First stall:  "Ruth is cranky and has a room to herself."
Second stall:  "Have rope in hand to guide Sheila to the milking room unless you want to make laps around the barn.  Poppy will follow her out."
Big room:  "Open the door and stand back."  Cindy, Esther, Inga, and Tessie barreled out in a blur.  Individual introductions would have to be made later.

As I said, it's been awhile since Camille has had the fun of milking, and she had a wee bit of trouble getting those spigots to work.  After the milk bath she had yesterday, I'm thinking of calling her Cleopatra.  She's a good sport, we laughed a lot, and albeit somewhat slower, the job got done.  As it turns out, I really will need her help later this week as I have an early morning appointment I couldn't change.  Timing is everything.

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Kathryn said...

Sounds so easy on paper, doesn't it?? Glad Camille is up for the challenge!!