Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Says It All

 Another day of heavy smoke has left the animals and me with a bad case of ennui.  Frank took over the sock basket while Bessie Anne snoozed behind the door.  Pearl, princess that she is, chose to have her own room and napped under the window in the guest room while I just noodled around on the computer.  Any strenuous outdoor activity is out of the question; it's too hard to breathe.  The reports say the Rim fire will burn for months even with the more than 4,000 firefighters on the scene.  The American fire up in Placer County has burned for weeks now and is still not under complete control.

Temperatures have been moderate this last week, but as I was watering the deck plants in the afternoon, Bessie went wading in her pool all on her own.  She usually waits for me to stand by her side.  Bess has never had the opportunity to swim, and would probably want floaties if the water were any deeper.  I thought she was pretty brave to go in without urging.

Just before sundown, clouds started building over the mountains.  Their promise of rain is a mixed blessing as they also threaten lightning strikes.  We are actually pretty lucky on this side of the hill because the delta breezes clear the air in the afternoon, blowing the smoke up into the Tahoe basin and over into Reno.
The slanting rays of the setting sun lit the forest on the hill across the road to the east and made a spectacular view from the end of the deck toward the west.   

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Kathryn said...

Looks like Frank has the perfect comfy spot, and yay Bessie for taking "the plunge" all by yourself! Not only is the fire such a tragedy for the animals, the forest, and the people who live in the area of the flames (and the Bay Area's water and power), but for you guys to get the smoke for months seems downright unfair! Here's hoping some good rains without lightning will help the crews.