Friday, August 23, 2013

On Watch

The smell and taste of smoke is in the air, the first thing noticed upon awakening before daybreak.  For two mornings, nearby hills are obscured by smoke that has drifted 150 miles up from the Rim fire that has grown to over 105,620 acres, doubling in one day.  The Delta breeze sprang up yesterday afternoon, giving a break from the heat and pushing the haze back over the hill, but it was short lived.  This picture was taken this morning.  Yesterday the smoke was so thick the sun could not even make a shadow until after ten o'clock.  I was happy to learn that Camille's mom is out of danger from the fire raging in Montana and did not have to evacuate.  The fires have everyone's attention and concern and dominate our conversations.  Bless the brave men and women who work in unimaginable conditions to put these fires under control.

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Kathryn said...

Bless those fire fighters indeed. Stay safe!