Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Looking Back

Lacking inspiration, I've spent some time this morning reading old entries and reliving good times with family, friends, and animals.  I see that weather has played a big part in daily life here, and continues to do so.  It determines a lot of whether something or nothing gets done.

I wasn't the only one confused yesterday.  Camille called early on to ask when it was she was expected for dinner again; was it to be last night?  "Um, no."  I've been anticipating some dental work, but an appointment had not been set.  I said I'd call to find out if the office had a plan and let her know, as pork chops would not be on my menu afterward, for sure.  While we were talking, a doe with twin fawns, followed by a young buck, walked past in the drive right in front of the open doorway.  It's rather unusual for deer to be this close to the house at that time of morning.  The dentist's office pulled some strings and will get me in today, so Camille and I played phone tag, trying to connect for dinner last night.  That didn't happen.  Her mom is in Montana near a raging wildfire and was preparing for evacuation.  One of the firefighters on scene there had said the fire was moving forward faster than a car could drive.  Now that's scary!  It's a bit cooler here today, but smoke is still in the air.  The forecast is for thunderstorms and they always carry the threat of lightning.  We've each got our plans in place for a quick bug-out.  I'll put the pork chops in the freezer for another day.

There's a great comfort in looking back and seeing that some things don't change.  What I lack in excitement is more than compensated by stability in what seems like a perilous world.  It's time to go milk...some things don't change.

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Kathryn said...

Stability is a good thing...the heat...not s'much. Having grown up in Southern California, the weather really never played much of a part in day-to-day decisions (unless it was when I was old enough to drive and still had my summers off, and then the decision on when to go to the beach was dependent on the "June Gloom), but when I lived in Ohio (and when my son went to school in Alaska)...THEN I knew how big a part the weather had in one's day-to-day decisions!