Thursday, August 29, 2013

Barn Bully, Babes, & A Bird

Spider-Man lives in the milking room in a custom web just above a larger neighbor.  Peter Parker's breakfast arrived on the fly (it was, in fact, a fly).  Before Peter could tie on his bib, the big bully from downstairs sneaked up the back way and made a dash for the tasty tidbit.  Spidey went into martial arts mode to protect his meal and the two arachnids became a flurry of legs as they fought.  Surely the larger spider would prevail, but Spidey drove him into the corner and finally off of his web.  Breakfast would have to wait.  Quick as a flash, the little spider wrapped the fly in Saran and tucked it into his larder.  Ah, the drama!

Lizard babies are popping up everywhere at Farview.  Teeny-tiny little babes, maybe an inch, inch-and-a-half long, and they are fast!  A whole colony lives by the water trough, darting here and there as I run water for the goats.  I've almost got to kick them out of the way on the front porch and deck where they practice doing pushups.  Not sure, I had to check to find out if lizards are oviparous or viviparous, two neat-sounding words for egg-layers or live-birth mamas.  Turns out they lay eggs, although I've certainly never run across a clutch of lizard eggs.  Not just because they are my adopted totem, I'm happy to see this new crop as they will help keep the insect population in check.

That goofy sparrow was back on the deck doing her squat-and-flutter dance yesterday.  What is she doing?  Why is she doing it?  Why does she do it day after day at about the same time in the very same spot?  I'm making the assumption that it is the same bird because I can't imagine a flock would take turns doing this bizarre behavior, and it is always just one bird.  Falling leaves are piling up on the deck (job security for me), and this sparrow moved some off of her dance floor to make room for her samba, cha-cha, or maybe it's a break dance.  Ah, the mystery!

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Kathryn said...

LOVED today's blog! I thought of you when I went to a Celebration of Life on Sunday. One of the daughters was speaking and said that her dad's motto was "never use a small word when a big word will do," and he had written a note to "the pool guy" to never touch a certain valve or he would be defenestrated! I bet you would have enjoyed Herb's company :-)