Monday, August 5, 2013

New Tree In Town

The five trees I ordered last December are finally here.  I picked them up on Saturday and drove 35 mph all the way from well past El Dorado to home so as not to damage the leaves, pulling to the side of the road many times to let cars pass.  These are fruited Persian mulberry trees and the leaves are the size of dinner plates.  They are said to be very fast growing (already about 8 feet tall) and will have a 30-40 foot spread.  Since the purpose of putting trees in the goat pen in the first place is shade, these ought to do the job.  An additional benefit is the fruit, supposedly 3-inch long berries, similar to blackberries.  I know the birds will be happy, the goats will get all that drop, and, if I get any, the man at the nursery said they make delicious mulberry wine.  Hmm.  That's a win-win-win in my book.

The water line is in and protective cages are ready, but it is too hot and the ground is too hard to plant the trees just yet.  Tree Guy put the saplings together in one of the big barrels in the fenced-in garden area to keep them safe from deer and gophers until the time is right.  The only things growing this year in what I laughingly call "the garden" are the two grape vines (loaded with fruit) and three tomato plants which are growing but not setting any tomatoes so far.

Camille is coming for another rehearsal this morning before she does her solo act with the goats on Wednesday.  (She volunteered!)  It's a lot to ask of anyone to give up more than an hour of time and do hard work, especially when it is hot, and I truly appreciate that she is willing to do this for me.

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Kathryn said...

What a happy day that your trees are now on your property and almost ready to start their job of providing some much-needed shade. It really IS a win-win-win!!