Friday, January 17, 2014

Bones and Boys

Like a broken drum, yesterday just couldn't be beat.  Bluebird sky and warm temperature lured my son Dave and his buddy Bird out on their motorcycles and up the hill.  The "town" of Pleasant Valley is a little bit bigger than Fair Play (they boast a real grocery store!), but not much.  Up here, we'd call it a blinker (blink as you go by and you'll miss it).  I'd been telling Dave about Bones, a biker bar in Pleasant Valley that serves great hamburgers, and the guys decided that would be a good destination for a ride and invited me to join them there.  Well, yeah!  I wasn't about to turn down an invitation like that!  Lunch with two good-looking dudes in leathers (and a side of onion rings) sounded good to me.  Spiffed up in clean bibbies and a spray of froufrou juice, I met with Dave and Bird.  During the course of the meal, Dave got up for a minute and came back with my neighbor Camille!  I hadn't seen her at the counter when I came in, being focused elsewhere, but Dave had recognized her and asked her to join us.  It was a convivial group and a great way to spend a couple of hours.  The guys decided I hadn't exaggerated regarding the hamburgers and that they would put Bones on the list of places to stop when the Freed Spirits ride as a group.  The road was calling their names again, so Dave and Bird fired up those rumbling Harleys and we parted ways.  Those boys give great hugs.  It was an outstanding day.

Note:  Christmas comes but once a year for everyone else; I get to celebrate twice.  Ha ha!  Deb and Craig are coming up tomorrow so this is Christmas Eve II for me.

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Kathryn said...

The plans for the day...
Hip, hip, hooray...
They didn't "gang-a-gley!"