Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dream World

For some inexplicable reason, I usually wake up with some song playing in my head.  For the past two mornings it has been Maurice Chevalier singing "The Night They Invented Champagne."  Not a bad way to wake up, regardless of what is playing.  Recently I informed my son that he needed to buy a lottery ticket.  I dreamed he had won $69,000.  The dream was very specific; in that dream world I had double checked the figure, thinking that it should have been a million or a half-million, but no, it was exactly $69,000.  He hasn't won yet, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

We in NorCal have been dreaming of rain for months.  I called my friend Dolly to thank her for finally granting our wish yesterday.  Dolly is our resident rain-maker and she's been falling down on the job.  There had been a few spits now and then in the morning with the promise of more later, so Bess and I made a quick trip to the feed store to replenish supplies for the girls.  Sure enough, shortly after our return there was a steady, light rain for the rest of the day.  Heavy rain was predicted during the night, but I didn't hear it and it's too dark yet to see if that prediction was fulfilled.

It was the strangest thing.  Rain or shine, it has always been Bessie Anne's habit to lie outside the fence line of the goat pen the entire time while I'm milking.  In the last few days before Pearl died, I watched as Bess headed away very purposefully, not ambling as she does, and wondered what she was up to.  I would find her waiting on the porch, eager to get back into the house as if to check on her friend.  Yesterday, with Pearl gone, Bessie stayed at her post by the pen.  She'd said her goodbyes.

Steve and I suffered when Dogie died, and he said he didn't ever want to go through that again.  I lasted two months without a dog at my side before he relented and we found my dear girl, Bessie Anne.  This house is too empty with just Bess and me rattling around.  She and I, best friends that we be, are lonely without the comedy relief of cats.  I've started checking local adoption centers online.  Gadzooks, the price of adoption has gone up!  Of course, it includes spay/neuter and shots, but I want two kittens and that's going to put a hole in the budget.  The centers also will not let tiny kitties go, so the kittens they offer are nearing a year old.  Kathy V. advised that I not advertise the fact that I'm looking or cats will be dropped off here by the carload.  It would be impossible to replace Frank and Pearl, but I dream of filling the empty spot they left in my lap and my heart with other kittens.  Thanks to everyone who sent kind words.

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Kathryn said...

I love that Bessie Anne has a such compassion and a full grasp of the situation, and I'm confident that, because you live in such a rural area where cats abound, that you will get just the kitties that are meant for you and Bess, very soon! (And I can't wait to hear that the lottery has paid out $69,000 to one of yours!)