Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lady! Hey, La-a-ady!

I had the misconceived notion that I had a goat ranch when the truth is I have a turkey farm.  The tribe is growing and they are taking over.  Morning chores were a little late when relatives were here and the hens were darned near knocking on the front door, standing right at the edge of the porch and loudly demanding breakfast.  No longer satisfied with just the birdseed under the oak, they jump in with the chickens for scratch.  They do not even give the courtesy of waiting until I leave the pen.  Six or eight ring the water pan at various times during the day.  Groups of twenty to fifty move across the yards, so I can only estimate the total number.  Walking, the big birds scratch and peck and look like turkeys.  Picking up the pace, and especially at a run, they look like prehistoric creatures out of Jurassic Park.  I am inclined to look behind to see if a raptosaurus is after them.  Bessie Anne and I walk slowly among the masses and they barely part the way to let us through.  As yet, the toms have not started their turf wars.  Turkeys do not have the most beautiful heads or faces, bald and wrinkled as they are, but they have large, gorgeous, liquid brown eyes.  I can attest to this as they were once again peering in my windows yesterday, up close and personal.  At the computer in the afternoon, I looked up to see seven (7!) on the railing and more waiting to get in line to see what I was doing.  They seemed to have no reason to be there other than being nosy.  Turkeys now outnumber the goats by ten to one.

Emmy, thank you for your compliments.  Yes, I do make cheese and other goat milk goodies.  Kathryn has been on vacation and is now home.  Nice to hear a new voice and have an old friend back.


Kathryn said...

Well, the turkeys need to start contributing, as the goats and chickens do, if you are running a turkey farm and subsidizing their existence. Hmm...let's see...we know they don't want to give their LIVES as their contribution, so what can they do?? Eggs...feathers...a side show for visitors to mingle among the big birds??? I know...install a picture window in Thing's shed and you can charge people to watch the destruction and then feed the wild turkeys!!

Emmy Abrahams said...

I also have many turkeys strutting about down by the ravine, my cottage overlooks..
If you ever hear of someone driving over from Auburn for the day, I would love to visit.I am 80 and haven't a car, but lots of goat experiences..
Not sure how well I would handle those mice...however.