Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just A Suggestion

Julia (the kitchen phone) announced, "Call from Linda _________."  I'm not kidding!  The telephones act like a personal butler/maid and tell me verbally who is on the line.  Cracks me up!

In the course of our conversation, Linda suggested I might need to change my totem from the lizard (dream world) to a bird, seeing that so many visit Farview and behave so out of the ordinary.  The problem is, which bird?  I'm particularly impressed with the vultures who line the pens on posts and wires; their lesson is "waste not, want not."  The little hummers teach one to drink deeply of joy when and where it comes (even though or perhaps because they quarrel amongst themselves continually).  Turkeys tell of harvest and blessings.  Chickens, commonplace little critters, represent sexuality.  Crows speak of change and awareness.  Generically, birds are survivalists.  I'm not opposed to adopting a new totem, one with wings, but I'd like to be more specific.  I suppose if one can change from lizard to bird totem, one wouldn't be locked in to a particular species, but I don't want to offend if one type of bird has chosen me.  And what about the falcon (patience), hawk (spiritual communication), and sparrows (self-worth)?  There is such a variety of birds, each in great numbers, here at Farview.  If choice depended strictly on unusual behavior, I guess I'd have to pick turkeys; those turkeys peeping in my window are certainly out of the ordinary.  I am reminded daily of the many blessings in my life.  One could do worse than having a turkey totem.  Move over, lizard; make way for a turkey.


Kathryn said...

Sounds to me like the Lizard can still be your Totem, and the Bird (any and all) can by your Guru! Such wonderful characteristics and life lessons can be learned! (And I LOVE your talking phones...who said that only cell phones can be Smart Phones!)

Linda Cox said...

Still thankful that it was Julia and not John who heralded that call!