Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Umbrella

When my Kids were very small, one Child (who shall remain nameless) wanted an umbrella more than anything.  Child must have been under the influence of Winnie the Pooh, because Southern California is not known for excessive rainfall and Pooh's red umbrella must have been the only one seen in our locale.  Regardless, going from store to store, I finally found an umbrella and presented it to a very happy Kid.  Then, as Dave says, depression set in.  Child sat in the house on dry, sunny days, looking out the window with umbrella in hand, waiting.  Child turned to me and said, "Mama, wouldn't you think God could make it rain for a little kid with a brand-new umbrella?"  Well, Santa has helper elves and God has helper mothers.  I took Child outside, put the sprayer on the hose, and watched delighted Child parade around under "rain" pattering on the umbrella.

While I may not leave the house often, I lead a pretty active phone life and often need "call waiting."  There have been times when I've had two conversations going and then my cell phone will ring (no, really!).  Here I am now with thirteen phones with all sorts of bells and whistles and music.  Do you think I got even one call yesterday?  I did not.  Sigh.

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Kathryn said...

Post your number in the blog and you will get to use your 13 new umbrellas :-)