Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Hear Music

I had just scratched the surface of what the new phones can do.  A little more time with the instruction manual last night revealed, among other nifty features, that I could change the ring tone.  Not just the ring; I had a choice of at least ten different signals.  For the time being, I've chosen "Ride Of The Valkyries," and can't wait until I get the next call.  For those who might be concerned, I've placed one of the orphan wireless phones next to the computer and named it Bill (for a pretty obvious reason).  Being chided yesterday for lack of imagination regarding Living Room, after some cogitation I have rechristened the phone by my chair Gammy.

Gammy was the live-in grandmother in The Egg And I who kept all manner of goodies and necessities in her bed.  It's really me who should be named Gammy as the table to the right of my chair is covered with anything and everything I might need or want without having to get up, but then I've usually got an animal or two in my lap and so feel justified in doing that.  Regardless, Gammy now sits nestled amongst the cup filled with pens, pencils, crochet hooks, sock knitting needles, nail files, and two pairs of little scissors, a square container with important odds and ends of who knows what, a paperback book, a small notepad on which I can write telephone numbers without names which I will never use because I won't remember to whom they relate, an unfinished beading project that I might finish someday, a pair of Dollar Store reading glasses, and a whole lot of et cetera.  (I will not address the contents of the table to my left at this time.)  The new Gammy is a slim little thing and it's a good thing she has a loud voice or she could get lost in the crowd.  Renamed, I know where she belongs.

Ohmigosh!  I just discovered, because I was curious and checked with Bill, that each of the five phones can be set to have its own ringer setting.  I think I would either get hysterical with laughter or go mad as a March hare if they were all set to different music.  I will have to give this serious thought.  For now, Gammy will be odd man out with the Valkyries.  Too much change at one time isn't good for a person.

That leaves one phone still homeless and unnamed.  To be continued.

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Kathryn said...

So proud of your imagination...I KNEW you could do it! "Gammy" works so well!!