Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

It has been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  That appears to apply to The View From Farview Farm.  Four years ago, on January 13, 2010, I wrote the first entry and my "mission statement."  I was inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia," thinking that if people had followed the trials and tribulations of an aspiring cook, someone might find the life of a single woman on a farm interesting.  At various times in the past week, I've gone back to read that first year.  Nothing much has changed.  Turkeys were peering in the windows then (and chickens were walking into the house).  Poker dominated every gathering of the clan then as now.  Reading of my Kids' many kindnesses brought tears to my eyes; they never change.  Looking through those photos the other day, I was a little disoriented and wondered why the house looked a bit unfamiliar.  I realized that the towering pine and oak just off the deck were twiggy saplings in those pictures.  Four years ago Tree Guy and Sons were taking down a large portion of the barn oak.  Favorite chickens have "gone on holiday," replaced by new favorites.  The Taj had just been delivered for the Silkies.  Musashi has not lived up to his samurai namesake; the other roosters intimidate him, but he is as beautiful (handsome) as ever.  Seasons and Daylight Savings Time continue to change, and dust remains my nemesis.

When I wrote that first entry, I had no idea if or who would read it.  I know now that there is a coterie of loyal followers, as well as those who pop in from time to time from the far stretches of the world.  I've kept a list as a country would appear.  Farview Farm in tiny Fair Play, California, has gone to places I've only dreamed of:

United States (individual states are unfortunately not identified), Colombia, Canada, China, Japan, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Spain, Chile, France, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Oman, Jordan, Norway, Romania, Brazil, Italy, Pakistan, Ecuador, Iraq, Iran, Philippines, Netherlands, South Korea, Mexico, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Armenia, Slovenia, Israel, Slovakia, Nepal, Finland, Singapore, Belgium, Georgia, Venezuela, Belarus, Malaysia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Honduras, Hong Kong, Serbia, Tunisia, Moldova, Turkey, Nigeria, Sudan, Macedonia, Lebanon, Gabon, Switzerland, Australia, Barbados, Austria.

Seventy countries (and who knows how many states in America).  That's not too shabby for someone who, as I've said, doesn't go anywhere or do anything.  I've wished so many times that I could "meet" via the internet those who've shown an interest in Farview.  There are now between 50 and 80 who check in daily, and there have been 57,996 "hits" in four years.  I really urge and encourage comments.  We must have something in common.

My day, every day, begins with a cup of coffee and the blog.  Bessie Anne knows the routine better than I.  She's snoozing on the bed behind me now.  Some things don't change.  Happy Anniversary!


Linda Cox said...

Good morning and Happy Anniversary!

Linda Cox said...
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Linda Cox said...
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Kathryn said...

Gosh, has it been 4 years? That's amazing and wonderful!! As a loyal reader, I am so very grateful to you for starting my day with a smile. You start your morning with coffee and the blog, and I start MY morning with email and then the blog (most mornings)! I used to do my other internet searches first (banking, etc.) and save the blog as my computer dessert, but no more. After all, we really all do want to eat dessert first anyway, don't we? And congratulations on your wide-spread readership. Since you don't advertise, I can only imagine that a great number of those hits are from referrals from other happy readers...the BEST compliment. Here's to four more...and more...and more!

P.S. Remember when you started, you said "Never on Sunday!" Glad that went by the wayside :-)