Friday, January 3, 2014

Thing Strikes Again

Darn that Thing!  Not satisfied with taking over the middle barn as his personal domain, decorating to suit himself and flinging out those belongings he doesn't like, he moved over once again into my side, my feed and craft room.  It took me a moment yesterday morning to figure out what I was seeing when I stepped in to get scratch for the chickens.  Large pieces of white fluffy stuff were everywhere.  Tissue paper?  No.  Tissue paper is kept in the house in the Black Hole room where even I would have difficulty finding it.  Looking closer, I saw the stuff was diaper wipes; lots of diaper wipes.  Evidently Thing had felt a chill in the night and went looking for blankets.  He had chewed into the case of wipes stored in my side and, not satisfied with one or two, had pulled out dozens of wipes, scattering them all over the room.  I need those wipes, using them to clean udders before milking, and I was not, repeat not, happy.  I've stored cases of wipes in that room for years without incident.  Why now?  The chickens were waiting so I gathered up the mess, planning to photograph and document Thing's destruction in the afternoon, and went about the business of the day.  I did a double take when I went back later with the camera.  Not a wipe in sight.  I am only guessing, but it's possible that Thing had left the damp wipes out to dry and came back later to take them home.  Or, since I was rather vocal in expressing my displeasure, Thing might have decided to clean up his own mess (dream on, silly woman).  I try very hard to live in peaceable cohabitation with all creatures, but Thing pushes my limits, my buttons, and my patience.  Darn that Thing.

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Kathryn said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer. There is a wonderful invention that might put an end to the guessing, but it is expensive, and borrowing the one that I have been given would be so ideal. The latest in baby monitors (At least I think it is the latest) let's one position a "camera" near the baby, and the viewing screen is stationed wherever the parent wants, and it can be set to have the screen stay on, or just get activated when there is movement or sound from the wee one. Now, mind you, Thing would have to pass in front of the camera, but it sounds like he gets around, so that would not be a problem. Oh how I wish the mystery could be solved!!!