Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Smoke Signals

Bess and I did a quick turn on the deck yesterday.  The morning sun held no warmth as we did our walkabout and I'd come out without a jacket (haven't needed one for days).  Looking out at the surrounding hills, it was pretty evident I wasn't the only one feeling the drop in temperature.  As in the black-and-white western movies of my childhood, columns of smoke rose here and there in the still air like signal fires.  Small straight plumes indicated fireplaces and wood stoves had been lit to ward off the chill, and larger clouds of smoke showed that some industrious persons had touched off a burn pile.  I went in and started up my own stove; there was just enough time to get it going before going down to the barn so the house would be toasty when I came back up.  When one sees smoke signals, pay attention.

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