Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Play's The Thing

The two masks of drama are those of comedy and tragedy, the elements of which life is made and which keep it interesting.  For each of us, every day is a new act in the same play.  We get to direct, produce, and star in our very own production (and sometimes we even get paid!).  What is not possible is a rewrite when the play takes an unexpected, unwanted turn; we simply go on to the next scene.

The day before, I had danced with a mouse and that act had all the aspects of a Carole Lombard slapstick comedy.  Yesterday the Farview drama changed its mask.  About the third goat on the stand in the morning, I happened to garner a couple of the Willy Wonka flakes that so please my little friend, Mama Mouse, who has shared her breakfast time with me eye to eye.  As if on cue, Mama Mouse was right there in her usual corner when I turned.  I thought, “Oh good, I’ll drop these treats down and she won’t have to hunt for them.”  Mama did not run away, but she was leaving.  It was her time to step off stage in my play or hers, who knows which.  After finishing with the goats and barn chores, I picked up Mama and we sat together quietly while her curtain fell.  It might have been just a bit part, but she played it well.

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Kathryn said...

Oh no...I know it's the Circle of Life, but it seems so soon for her final curtain. But how nice that she had you to comfort her as she ascended that final stairway.9