Sunday, December 28, 2014

Better Late Than Never

 I don't think anyone noticed that the tree had only one ornament.  (I was still wrapping gifts when the first car pulled up.) What the heck, if Christmas can be late, what am I worried about?

The group was still pretty sedate at this point after chowing down on chili verde and guacamole.  Deb, Craig, Larry, Dave, Clay, Sandra, and "Li'l Dave."  Taylor was playing in "her" room.  She has appropriated the guest room as her very own; intruders not welcome!

Camille and her mom, Olga, came a little later, but in time for the real festivities.  It's sometimes hard to tell the grownups from the kids at Christmas.  We put a $5 limit on gifts, which calls for a little ingenuity.  Somehow toys always find their way under the tree.  This year Santa (aka Dave, the bearded one) handed out Silly String.  Did I mention we have fun? 

Downstairs, play of another sort began.  Larry on guitar and Li'l Dave on drums really rocked the house.  The audience sat around the bar and played dice, bouncing on their stools to the music.  Gosh, those guys are good!

One by one, trucks and cars pulled away into the night.  Larry, Li'l Dave, and Taylor stayed over.  And Christmas is done for another year.  (Maybe I'll just leave the tree in the living room and get a head start for next year.)

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Kathryn said...

It sounds like a WONDERFUL day, and I think you SHOULD leave the tree up. Heck, you dress the goose up for each season...why not just decorate the tree per season, or leave it undecorated except for maybe a couple of dingle-dangles that Celeste and Ralph can play with!!