Friday, December 26, 2014


It seems to be my destiny to always run late, even with the best intentions, and it goes against my nature to fight fate.  Not only were the truck doors frozen shut yesterday morning, the doors to the feed room were also frozen and no amount of pulling or prying would get them open.  Waiting until the sun (thankfully, there was sun) thawed the ice meant the critters had a late breakfast and I was still milking when I'm usually back at the house.  It set the tone for the whole day.  A second batch of candy turned out a lot better than the first, but took time I'd planned to move on to another project.  Meringue cookies died in the bowl and had to go down the drain.  There wasn't enough time to start a new batch before feeding time.  It was another "wading in Jell-O" day.

It's a balmy 32 degrees this morning; a lot better than the 26 yesterday.  It did warm up into the 40s, but a northwest wind put out a chill factor that made it seem a lot colder all day.  An old song from WWI, "Keep the Home Fires Burning," is my theme song.  I've already got the wood stove cranked up this morning.

I've got big plans and high hopes for today.  With a little help from destiny, I might be ready for Christmas tomorrow.  Or not.


Kathryn said...

Here's hoping that Destiny comes thru!!

Kathryn said...
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