Monday, December 1, 2014

The Only Child

In every group of multiples, there are times when a member wishes to be an "only child."  I snapped this "aww" moment last night and was thinking how cute it was that Celeste was hugging me.  Then I noted the smirk of satisfaction and realized she'd spread out so there was no room on my lap for Ralph or Bess.

Bessie hasn't been feeling so well lately, her normal routine abandoned and her food bowl untouched.  For the first time in days she asked for her early morning milk bone today and I was happy to give it.  She wanted the routine, but didn't really want the treat.  What to do?  If she just put it down, the cats might get it.  Bess wandered through the dark house, poking the treat in one crevice or another, then taking it back.  I caught her hiding it under the stuffed animals in her toy box, but she remembered that Ralph sometimes pulls out a toy to drag around.  Not safe there.  I keep my socks loose and handy in a basket by my desk.  Evidently Bessie Anne feels I am to be trusted because she brought the milk bone into the bedroom and buried it under my socks.  Another example of the Only Child Syndrome.

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Kathryn said...

I LOVE the pic of Celeste, and I'm glad that you can be trusted with Bessie's Milk Bone. Hope she's back to normal soon.