Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wings In the Wings

All morning chores begin with throwing down bird seed for the wild things.  Meant originally for the doves and sparrows, squirrels, turkeys, gophers, and even deer know where to get a free meal.  The doves and sparrows have to elbow their way to get a bite.  It's a bit intimidating when thirty-plus turkeys come running at you as you step off the porch.  After feeding the feathered hordes, the next job is to open the chicken coops and let the little kids out.  They get scratch (cracked corn and other grains) thrown down and then I fill the waterers.  I'd not even gotten started when I turned and there were turkeys waiting impatiently on the fence rail to join the hens.  I'm really glad there are no elephants cruising the hills.  They'd probably wait in the wings for the goats' alfalfa.

On any trip to town, I cross two loops of the middle fork of the Cosumnes River (unless I go via Pleasant Valley and then also cross the north fork).  For months, the water level has been so low one could wade across the river.  After our recent rains, it was wonderful to see torrents of water rushing downstream again yesterday.  I'd waited to make the trip for a day or two because of road conditions.  The wind and rain had brought tons of leaves and pine needles down, making the roads as slick as ice.  The leaves had blown away, but pine needles were rolled into small logs, nature's speed bumps.  It was a quick trip and I didn't waste any time getting home.

It seems to be the vogue on FB to post selfies taken over a year; how's that for ego?  I could probably make a calendar of 365 photos of the sky, morning, noon, and night.  I never cease to be enthralled by the beauty.  I love having a camera at my fingertips and, by virtue of technology, not having to wait for film to be developed.  This was taken after another good day.

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Kathryn said...

I much prefer YOUR "selfies" as the sky is ever-changing, and YOUR sky is often more beautiful than MY sky! Thanks