Monday, December 8, 2014

Bossy Bessie

This reminded me of that line from Jurassic Park, "Objects may be closer than they appear."  These turkeys were no more than a couple of feet from my feet.  The toms are no gentlemen, as they pushed the ladies out of the way to get to the grain first, but don't they look grand?

Bessie Anne is feeling better these days and we're both happy about that.  There is still one problem, however.  Like any mother with a sick kid, I was catering to her every need while she was feeling punk.  One look from those puppy-dog eyes and I would open doors, boost her up to whatever chair or couch she wished, tempt her with tidbits from my plate.  She liked all that attention and wishes it to continue.  To be honest, she's spoiled rotten and I did it to myself.  Now if I don't rush to do her bidding, she gives an imperious command bark.  "Now!  Open this door right now!"  "Chair!  This chair and I want it now!"  Celeste, curled up and warm on my lap, gets displaced as I try to meet Her Ladyship's demands.  The single bark is tolerable; it's when I don't ask "How high?" when she says jump that she starts to whine.  Bessie Anne has a high-pitched whine that is much like fingernails on a chalkboard and it makes me shudder and my skin crawl.  Just as when my Kids were little, whining gets an immediate "NO!"  That is not acceptable and she needs to learn that, too.  I have my limits.

There are reports of a mega-storm headed this way later this week.  They're saying five to ten inches of rain an hour with strong winds above fifty miles an hour here in the foothills.  I'll be moving the truck out to the point, out from under the oaks.  If I miss a day or two of posting here, it will be because the power has gone out.  We've been lucky so far that way.  I spent most of yesterday catching up on laundry and getting a start on holiday baking (the oven is electric).  I'll go today to replenish the feed supply for the critters.  There is a good stock of firewood on the porch and there is bottled water handy.  I keep the added expense of a land-line phone just for such occasions.  The wireless phones are inoperative during an outage.  I make sure the cell phone is charged every night.  This ain't my first rodeo and I know how to prepare.  In the meantime, one more sunset couldn't hurt.  Even Miss Bossy Bessie agrees.

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Kathryn said...

Gorgeous photos - both!! And I'll cross my fingers that you keep your power and keep your powDer dry We are expecting rain on Friday, but I have not heard about what intensity it will bring.