Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The sun and the welcoming committee were both up and out yesterday.  It's clear to me that I was never meant to live in rainy environs or where the sun doesn't shine for months on end.  My spirits lifted as the sun rose after a stretch of rainy days.  It was time to take my own advice:  A thing will either get done, or it won't.  It's amazing how much can be accomplished when one stops dithering in a panicked state and settles to the task(s) at hand.  I may or may not get everything I'd planned done by Saturday, but isn't that the same with everyone at Christmas time?

Bessie Anne has been losing her sight and her hearing for some time now, and it's getting worse.  Without meaning to, I sometimes startle her with a touch because she didn't hear me coming near.  She'll let loose a bark when she thinks she hears something and there's nothing there, and she doesn't hear a car drive up anymore.  The other evening, a soggy Poppy down by the barn looked unfamiliar at that distance and Bess warned me about this intruder.  As her senses diminish, she feels the need to be with me at all times.  I feel bad for her these busy days when I'm going back and forth through the house.  She doesn't get much rest as she follows me from room to room.  Asking to go outside, Bessie looks over her shoulder and waits for me to come too.  It may not be convenient, but I go with my little friend.  It's a small thing to do.

The sun went down in a blaze of glory last evening.  It was a pretty satisfying day.

Bessie and I went down to the corner this morning to lie in wait for Trash Guy.  We meet on an annual basis at Christmas when I hand him a small "thank you" for doing all the heavy lifting throughout the year.  Bess just likes to go for a ride.

The sun is up.  It's going to be a good day.

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Kathryn said...

I'm with YOU - rainy and/or gray days are not for me...I'm a "Sunshine Girl!" And I'm so sorry that Bessie Anne's senses are failing her...but she has a good friend in you!