Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rainy Day Play Pictorial

Kids and/or cats plus rainy days are not a good combination.  They tend to get bored and then into mischief.  It was Celeste's turn to hide in the tunnel.  Ralph brrrped brrrped and even Bessie got into the game.

Having successfully pushed his sister out of the cave, Ralph snuck in.

He had to wait awhile for Celeste to wander by, not quite close enough for the attack cat, but he tried.  Celeste, like any big sister (I don't know why I think she's the older; they're littermates), did her best to ignore her brother's antics.

Bored with the game and irritated with each other, a fight broke out.  Ralph used his martial arts training and taekwondo'ed Celeste with a kick to the face.

The siblings' battles never last long and they don't hold grudges.  After wearing themselves out with a race through the house, upstairs and down, the cats settled down together for a nap.  The problem there is that they chose Bessie Anne's chair.

Bess obligingly moved over to the other chair, my chair, leaving me that little corner when I was ready for a break.  I believe in the saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie," and so I perched on the edge.  Who's the grownup here, anyhow?

It rained steadily throughout the day and all last night.  It's still raining.  I expect a rerun.

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Kathryn said...

Oh...rainy days and school children that couldn't go out to recess..."Heads Up - 7 Up!!!