Friday, December 12, 2014

Still Here

There was a scary moment yesterday morning when lightning struck close by and thunder was so loud the barn walls shook.  That big dead oak hanging over the roof would be a perfect lightning rod and I wasted no time getting the last goat milked and all of us out and away.  After the fact (of course), back in the house I unplugged computer and TVs.  Of course (again), there were no more strikes, just a lot of rain.  FB is showing a number of downed trees in nearby roads, but so far, so good here on the property.  The wind that had been blowing hard before chores died down and it was a day and night of steady rain.  The only blip in the power happened this morning as I sat down to write the blog.  Of course.

It was a day to keep the fire stoked and a cat on my lap.  Celeste is very obliging in that regard.  Bessie Anne gets her nose a little out of joint and crowds in, sometimes pushing Celeste up on the arm of the chair, reminding me that she was my girl first and should have priority treatment.  Baking got put on hold as I really expected the electricity to fail.  I've lived up here long enough now to know that we're not yet out of those woods.  The ground is saturated and trees can fall from their own weight.  My mantra is "So far, so good."  Still here.

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Kathryn said...

Happy for you that all is good at this point. Will hold my breath 'til you give us the all clear!