Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dusky Doings

"Wait Until Dark" was a great suspense movie (1967) with Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, and Richard Crenna.  (Stick with me; I'll introduce you to a lot of the golden oldies.)

Not much suspense here, but a lot of things happen about dusk.  I understand why the herd of turkeys shows up for breakfast every morning, but can only wonder why they troop through the yard every evening.  Bird seed is thrown down only once a day and the chickens' bedtime snacks are given in the coops, so food is not the reason for the turkey parade.  I don't know where they wander off to during the day, but I know where they come back to before dark.

I'd bagged up the trash to haul down the road and was ready to take the laundry off the line when my niece in New Hampshire called.  The east coast has been getting slammed with winter storms.  She'd sent photos of snow three and four feet deep in front of the doors, and reported that the drifts were now up to the window level.  And here we are on the west coast, hoping there will be even a little rain this weekend.  One could wish for a bit of parity.

Our conversation lasted until I had to call a halt because it was getting dark, and we know how the goats are about going into the barn then.  Suzanne's day had ended long before, bur I still had work to do.  Topping off the water trough, I looked over one shoulder at the rising moon and then the other to see the setting sun.  It was a perfect opportunity to try that panorama feature of the camera and got this 180-degree shot.  Ginger had given up on me and had tucked herself onto a bale in the feed barn, but came running when I opened the gate, more than ready to join the flock inside.

I never did get the trash to the big road (missed my chance this morning) and the laundry still hangs on the line.  Regardless, it was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

i love your panorama shots! Hmmm, I wonder if I have that feature on my phone! Turkey Trot for sure in your yard!!