Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still Damp

The sun came out and stayed out and drew Bess and me like a magnet, and we weren't the only ones.  It's no longer unusual to see turkeys on the deck rail, but previously they were on the outside and we were on the inside.  Yesterday, on one of our walkabouts we rounded a corner and there were two of the peeping toms (except these were hens) on the rail.  One bailed, but this one stayed even as Bessie walked to the corner.  Bess and I decided to go in the living room door and leave the wildlife alone.

After days of watching rain and waiting tensely for the next disaster, I felt comfortable enough to go down and tackle The Project.  Again.  The drill battery was recharged and I had my instructions and cup of water at the ready.  "Go slow," the man said, so I did.  I drilled at quarter speed, wiped and dipped the bit as directed.  Just before, and I mean just before the bit punched through, the drill went rrrr, rrrrrr, rrrrrrr, and stopped.  The furshlugginer battery had died again.  Hunting for a spare battery for the Makita (one would think Steve would have at least two), I discovered a Ryobi drill and two, count 'em, two! batteries, both dead as doornails.  Okay, Plan B.  I put the Makita's and one of the Ryobi batteries in their chargers.  The next time I take on The Project, I will round-robin the drills and their doggone batteries.  I'd started out thinking I would make a lot of these Projects; now I'd like to finish even just the one.

It being Monday and having missed the week before, it was "take the trash to the big road" day.  Bess and I loaded up and started down the drive, now known as Farview Farm Canyon Road.  The torrential rains had washed gullies over a foot deep and it was tricky going.  I had anticipated some damage, but nothing as bad as I found.  I don't need a crystal ball to see there will be some tractor work in my future.

After days of gloomy weather, the most beautiful part of this sunset is that we could see the setting sun.

Four a.m.  I awoke as Bess tromped over my sleeping body and being shaken as Ralph thundered through the house, racing back to make bankshots off the end of the bed.  It's going to be a long day.  That's all right, we've been promised sunshine all day long.

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Kathryn said...

Sounds like your days are bright again...even if your nights aren't. Your battery issues are EXACTLY why, when I saw a little "corded" drill on sale, I snapped it up. Cordless is SO handy, and can be SO exasperating. Crossing my fingers that you get the one project finished!!