Friday, February 13, 2015

Omega Day

It might be strange to start at the end, but until sundown not much got done yesterday.  Not only did my hand cramp after using the drill the day before, I seem to have strained some of those muscles and chose to give myself the day off (after barn chores, of course).

Time after time, I tell myself, "No more sunset photos.  Enough, already!"  And then I walk out and see colors and/or cloud formations that cry out to be shared.

Some time back, and apparently for "no good reason" (that's a family tag line that I might explain someday), Deb and Craig gave me a cookbook called "Plenty."  While the author, Yotam Ottolenghi, is not a vegetarian, the recipes in the book are all delicious-sounding vegetable dishes.  Jonathan Lovekin's gorgeous photographs would flip any carnivore, and Ottolenghi's text reads as well as any novel.  Looking in the fridge for the makings of dinner last night, I found mighty slim pickings.  Only that lonely cauliflower caught my eye.  One cauliflower does not a dinner make, but then I thought of "Plenty."  Surely there would be a recipe in there I could use.  I had to make some substitutions as I did not have smoked mozzarella on hand for "Smoky Cauliflower Frittata," but my finished dish turned out to look exactly like the photograph and was absolutely outstanding.

It was a great meal and a good day.
(Happy birthday today to my son Dave!)

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