Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Love A Parade

After a day of small chores here and there, Bessie and I went out to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.  Cool enough to need a jacket, it was pleasant working in the lavender bed as shadows lengthened.  The granite boulders in what is laughingly called The Rock Garden (the only things growing there are rocks) make a good spot to sit and rest after a stint of bending and stooping.  Bess lay by my feet at the edge of the driveway when we heard rustling over by the first shed.  Evidently there had been a committee meeting of the TLC (Turkey Ladies' Club) and it was breaking up so the girls could get home in time for dinner.  Surely they would detour around me and the dog, but no.  These six were less than half of the turkeys parading past on their way to who knows where and they weren't to be deterred.

Later, down in the shop I finished enough pieces to complete more of The Project.  As I become familiar with the equipment, I'm more confident and competent and the work is going faster.  A big advantage is that I'm more comfortable claiming the shop as my own workspace, no longer a stranger in a strange land (apologies to Robert Heinlein).  Upstairs in the evening, a very disappointed Bessie was banished to her own chair instead of my preferred lap while I worked on assembly.  I was able to improve on the prototype and may actually redo that first attempt.  The concept was good but lacked finesse and the execution was faulty.  I don't know about perfect, but practice does, indeed, make better.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

I sure do love the life you lead as you describe it. I know we only hear bits and pieces, but I am blessed to get to read what you share.