Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little Bites

Soon after the first of the year I made a list, a pretty long list (okay, a very long list), of things that need repairing, building, tearing down, cleaning up, etc.  I wish I hadn't done that.  I look at that list periodically and then put it down and walk away.  It's simply overwhelming and I choke.  Yesterday I tried a new approach.  I made another list.  "Things I Must Do Today."  I wrote just three items, three things I thought might be manageable in one day.  Three things are a way to take little bites out of the whole megillah, little nibbles that can actually be accomplished in a day.  Since one thing on yesterday's list was to go to town and pick up Bessie Anne's heartworm medicine, I was able to cross off only two, but I'm new at this process and I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  I just moved that chore down a notch to today's list and added two more.  This could work!

Gary does not believe in little bites.  He opened the entrance to his burrow right next to the breakfast bar and began shoveling grain into his saddlebags.  This small, sleek creature can pack an amazing amount into his cheek pouches, and he made so many trips I had to put down more food so the mice wouldn't go hungry.

Nature is playing with us.  She gives us a little taste of spring and then takes it away.  Mornings have been down in the 30s, close to freezing, and I had to pull one of those closeted turtleneck shirts down again yesterday.  The deck and fields are white with heavy frost this morning.  She teases with a hint of rain, but doesn't keep her promise.  The word fickle comes to mind.

Now where did I put that list?

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