Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Like It Or Not

It's no secret that going to town is not my favorite thing to do, or that I like shopping even less.  Even so, every couple of weeks it's a necessary evil and yesterday was bite-the-bullet day.  Avoiding the axle-deep ruts in the driveway was pretty exciting on the way down, and coming back up later was even worse.  Fishtailing from side to side on the slope, wheels spinning, I wasn't sure I wasn't going to need 4WD, but made it okay.  Shortly after unpacking my purchases, my milk-and-egg customer drove up (I'd forgotten he was due).  I'd no more than said hello when he asked if I had a mattock.  Of course I have a mattock, what good farm wife would be without?  This goodhearted man took said tool and, without another word, went to work on the driveway.  It's a long, steep driveway and deeply rutted on both sides.  An hour later, just before sundown, dripping sweat and panting, my customer put the mattock away and came to the door.  I was trying to express my gratitude, planning to at least comp his milk and eggs, when he said, "Just pay it forward."  I will try.

February 10th was my dad's birthday and he was on my mind much of the day.  My mother had a volatile personality, but my father was a quiet constant in my life.  A sharecropper's son, Daddy left Texas and never looked back.  He was a "townie" through and through, a natty dresser and always wore a suit and tie, even at the beach.  I think he may have owned one short-sleeve sports shirt, but I don't remember ever seeing him wear it.  I often wonder what he'd think of my current lifestyle, but probably best I don't know.  He died on my 40th birthday and I was privileged to be with him that day.  It seemed so fitting:  he was there when I came into the world, and I was there when he left.

A trip to town doesn't leave much time for else in the day.  As Earle drove away down the newly repaired driveway, I walked "into the sunset" to put the girls to bed.

It was a good day.

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