Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Start To Finish

Milking Inga went about as expected.  After playing hookey the day before, her bag was as tight as a tick and almost impossible to get started.  I truly sympathized even though I did tell her it was her own danged fault.  That overfilled udder was tender and her way of telling me just how sore it felt was to lift one hind leg or the other and kick like crazy.  Not only did I have those tiny teats to contend with, I had to protect the bucket, leaving me just one hand for the job.  Milk squirted everywhere and the process took forever.  The other girls milled around outside.  Unlike Inga, they were all anxious for their turn.  I don't know which of us was more relieved when she left the barn.

Most of the day was spent working on The Project, sometimes upstairs, sometimes down.  I finally (big sigh of relief here) finished the prototype and I'm pretty happy with the results.  Amazing what a difference the right tools make.  After the previous struggles, I'd become determined to complete one, but "had me doots" about going into production.  The finish work is a bit fussy and tedious, but as long as I can keep Bess and the cats off my lap so they don't scatter materials, I can deal with that.  Onward, ever onward!

Camille was thinning a patch of wild violets and asked if I could use some.  Of course!  I adore violets.  Leaving an unhappy Bess at home, I loaded up trash for the big road and then stopped at Cam's for a short visit and to get the plants just before sundown.  Honey kept licking my pant legs and Cam thought I might have milk on them.  Might?  I'd been drenched! 

Lacking a time-lapse camera, these three photos show just how quickly the sky will change in the time from walking down to the barn to the way back, and then just after putting the hens to bed.

Same day, same sky, and different in a matter of minutes.  I've been accused of becoming obsessed with sunrise and sunset and it's true.  Just call me Tevye (and isn't it fitting that he was The Dairyman?).

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Kathryn said...

Hey Tevya...I LOVE your version of the time-lapse. Just gorgeous!