Saturday, February 14, 2015

When All Else Fails...

One can sit and stare at a blank page for just so long.  Writer's block has struck and I'm at a loss for words this morning, so I'm falling back on my old standbys.  Sunset last night was as lovely as ever.  It's as good a place as any to start.

Pete, my SoCal Kid, sent a triumphant photo of his newly restored Triumph motorcycle yesterday.  Pete inherited the bike from his dad and it needed a lot of work and a long time to get back in running order.  Given the age of the bike and the fact that parts come from England, it's been a challenge.  The sound of a Triumph is almost as throaty as that of a Harley.  If my guys ever get together, put in the earplugs!

Sunrise this morning was worthy of a Valentine's Day photo.  We're certainly off to a great start.
If today is good, tomorrow will be even better:  Deb, Craig, and Dave are coming up!  (And perhaps I'll find more inspiration for the blog.)

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Emmy Abrahams said...

Todays sunrise was absolutely incredible
But aren't they all?

Today's was a special one !