Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did I Mention...?

Caught a break in the rain when I went out for morning chores yesterday.  Bess declined to join me; what a surprise.  Did I mention that there was an east wind?  Trying to fill the pot for the wild things was a challenge with the water blowing sideways.

One member of the Mouse Pack was unhappy that I had not mentioned him in the list of new players.  China is an undersized kid with almond-shaped eyes.  He is rather shy and only takes grain from the edge of the pile, then ducks back into the burrow.  The others will pick through to get the best goodies.  China takes whatever is closest.  I didn't mean to leave him off the roster, but hadn't seen him for a day or two until yesterday and he reminded me.  Gomenasai.

I've been immersed in World War II for a week or so.  I reread the second in Ken Follett's latest historic trilogy, "Winter Of The World."  Fascinating stuff for someone who grew up in that era (and anyone else).  Having turned the last page and shut the cover, I looked for something else to read on a stormy day and picked up a book loaned to me by Arden some time ago.  It took two days to finish "The World At Night" by Alan Furst.  Again about WWII, but from a different viewpoint.  Fascinating material and also so well written.  Immediately, I chose to start "Red Gold," sequel to "The World At Night."  It is so enjoyable to be introduced to new-to-me authors and find treasures.

Listening to love songs from the '50s and then a concert by Willie Nelson, trying to keep the wood stove up to speed, reading good books, heating leftovers from the night before, warmed by lap cats and dog, did I mention it was a good day?

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