Monday, January 4, 2016

Lost And Found

Well, yesterday was interesting.  Thanks to the internet, a notice was put up on a local website regarding a box of stolen mail found in a nearby creek, and Linda and Cam both called (at the same time) to tell me some of my mail was included.  I met Cam down at the big road and we went down to the creek.  A good Samaritan had brought the soggy mess up to the road and Cam was able to get down the bank and retrieve some still floating in the water.  It's not unusual for my mailbox to be empty, and not much besides junk mail and bills when it's not.  The waste disposal bill comes every other month, so I wasn't looking for it, but sure enough, there it was, as well as some other important stuff.  Postmarks indicated everything went through the post office on December 29, so the theft had to occur recently.  There was mail and a package for ten nearby addresses.  I sorted by name and set everything out to drip dry on the porch, then contacted the Sheriff's Dept.  Of course I forgot that it was Sunday and wondered why the post office didn't answer the phone.  Duh.  I recognized a neighbor's name and was able to let her know, and they came to retrieve her envelopes.  We live in interesting times.

Another loss occurred in early evening when the power went out.  Drat!  The Vikings-Green Bay Packers game had just started when the world went dark.  Thankfully, Dave kept me up on the score and, even better, let me know that the Minnesota Vikings won!!  I'd been waiting and waiting for the new season of Downton Abbey to start.  No power, no DVR, no Downton Abbey.  Crum.  Hours later when the lights came back on and I could blow out the oil lamp, I did a search and found DA will show again on Thursday.  That made me a lot happier than find a soggy bill.

Win some, lose some, win again.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Totally bizarre about the stolen mail. I'm guessing that they took stuff - packages or mail - that looked like they contained treasures - and left the rest to get wet??? So sorry about your power.